November 7, 2021

A Power User’s LinkedIn Journey

LinkedIn hasn’t changed much in the past 18 months but it’s interesting to see how people’s approach has changed.

A case in point is Joel Lalgee, one of the most engaged LinkedIn users within my network. He writes, comments, and drives conversations, and has attracted >73,000 followers.

A lot of Joel’s content was focused on thought leadership. But he has adopted a new approach, which he talked about on the Marketing Spark podcast.

It’s content that reflects the day-to-day lives of recruiters.

Like anything and everything, change is constant. Eventually, what you’re doing gets stale. It’s not enough to write a steady stream of 200-word posts, even if they ooze with value.

The key to a long shelf life is variety, new ideas, experimenting, and taking risks. Some of them deliver big-time while others fail to resonate.

The only way to find out is by jumping into the fray.

I also did a rapid-fire round with Joel about LinkedIn. He weighed in about:
– Creator Mode
– Articles
– Groups
– Polls
– Comments
– Connection requests
– Life beyond LinkedIn

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