October 19, 2021

If done right, podcasts deliver big-time benefits

Every B2B SaaS company should have a podcast. That’s the marketing gospel.

It makes sense given the growing popularity of podcasts. But are B2B SaaS companies embracing podcasting?

Jonathan R Bland says “no”. He believes that only a small number of companies have capitalized on podcasting.

“Frankly, what I actually see more of is [companies saying] let’s build a podcast to see if we can get a bunch of leads, and then by the 6th, 10th or 12th episode, they shut the whole thing down because it didn’t generate anything.”

Jonathan’s appraisal may be dramatic but the underlying message is that publishing a podcast on a regular basis is a challenge.

From the outside looking in, there are so many moving parts that many companies back off rather than moving forward.

Part of their hesitation could be that attribution is difficult. Aside from downloads, it’s hard to tell whether a podcast is making an impact.

In some respects, a podcast is a leap of faith. For companies that do buy into podcasts, they have to believe there are plenty of qualitative benefits.

These include:
– The ability to reach out to prospects and build relationships
– Repurposing podcasts into blog posts, videos, audio clips, social media updates, and eBooks.
– Sparking conversations on the Dark Web from people who’ve listened to episodes.

Podcasts aren’t for every company but there’s a lot of value and big-time ROI if done properly and consistently.

Addendum: Personally, launching a podcast last year was one of the best business moves that I’ve made. If you would like advice about podcasting or have questions, reach out.

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