June 18, 2020

Marketing Spark Podcast Show Notes: Steve Watt

In this episode of the Marketing Spark podcast (Apple, Google, Spotify), we interview Steve Watt, VP, Marketing of Grapevine6.

Steve Watt

An experienced marketing leader, Steve and I talked about the balancing act between building branding and driving revenue.
For all the talk about generating leads, Steve believes branding is how companies differentiate themselves and highlight their unique attributes.
“When you do brand right, it drives revenue. Brand is the tide that floats all your revenue metrics. You’ve got to nail brand or else you are trapped forever in high-volume, low-quality transactional sales, and marketing, and it’s not a good place to be. It’s getting your brand really, really strong so that it drives revenue.”
We also talked about the importance of creating high-quality content. Steve increasingly believes that content should be un-gated, even though collecting emails is how marketers drive marketing qualified leads.
“Kill the MQL and free your content. I mean, seriously, if you are making quality content that really tells the story of your successful customers and your amazing products and how you see the world differently, don’t you want the maximum number of people reading that?”.
If you’re looking for a great example of un-gated content, check out Alias Partners’ Resources page, which features terrific content about account-based marketing.
Listen to the interview with Steve here:

You can connect with Steve on LinkedIn and Twitter.
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