July 25, 2021

People (aka customers) buy from people, not companies

In many cases, people buy from people.
They buy from people they trust.
They buy from people who are genuine and honest.
In marketing and sales, the human touch sparks relationships and connections.
It enables you to outflank the competition, even if your product isn’t the best or the best known.
In a fast-moving world with many options, making a decision is a challenge.
But it’s a lot easier when you have a relationship.
For the past month, my family and I have been volunteering on an organic farm near Lindsay, Ontario.
It’s sustainable farming in action. The vegetables are amazing.
From delivering boxes to customers, it’s great to see their excitement.
But one of the key reasons for their business is the relationship with the farmer, Jessica Foote.
It’s hard not to like and trust Jessica. Her enthusiasm, energy, dedication to organic food is addictive.
Jessica is a key part of the buying experience. Customers like her and support her hard work.
Establishing and building relationships is:
– why conferences will return in some form.
– why videos featuring entrepreneurs are powerful.
– why encouraging employees to be active on LinkedIn is a good thing.
– why conversations with customers and prospects are better than email.
– why great customer service (e.g. Zappos) makes a difference.
– why demos need to be engaging and inspiring.
– why origin stories are compelling.
When you’re competing for business, don’t be the Wizard of Oz hiding behind the curtain
Get out there, connect with your customers and prospects, and build relationships.

Jessica Foote

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