March 10, 2022

Should you focus on only one marketing channel?

Should small businesses be one-trick ponies? Would it make sense for them to focus on a single channel?

This would let companies do a great job rather than spread their resources too thin. Maybe it’s a blog, LinkedIn, conferences, or advertising.

I was listening to a podcast in which Louis Grenier interviewed Mark Ritson.

Grenier asked Ritson for his marketing advice for a small company. Ritson said marketing is a huge challenge because they’re unable to invest enough money, even if they’re an agile “David”.

What kind of marketing does a small business do?

My advice: walk before you run. Be pragmatic and less ambitious or enthusiastic.

Focus your time, money, and people on doing a few things well rather than doing multiple things in a middling way. Focus on optimization rather than expansion and resist the urge to embrace shiny objects.

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