January 11, 2022

Are newsletters the key to lead generation?

Gated content is out. But are corporate newsletters in?

Are they the silver bullet for B2B companies looking to collect email addresses?

When you think about it, marketers are up against a tough email challenge.

They need email addresses to generate and engage leads but not being able to use gated content is a punch to the gut.

If newsletters are a feasible option, what does it take to attract subscribers?

I can’t remember subscribing to a corporate newsletter. Most of the ones in my inbox have been a result of coughing up an email address for content.

FreshBooks was one of the few interesting newsletters. It featured customer success stories and curated content about small businesses.

If newsletters are the answer, the editorial approach will need to change.

They need to be less about corporate events, news, and product updates/tips and more about insightful content for customers and prospects.

In other words, more like content marketing and less like advertising or customer support.

The other newsletter option could be pure editorial.

Look at HubSpot’s $25 million to $30 million acquisition of The Hustle. HubSpot acquired a popular newsletter and a huge email database that it could leverage to drive brand awareness.

What are your thoughts on newsletters? If so, what companies do it well?

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