April 18, 2021

Never Take “No” for an Answer

Never take “no” or “that’s never going to work” for an answer.

Since launching my marketing business in 2008, this happened to me twice.

Once, a well-known VC dismissed the idea that startups would hire a third-party marketer.

The guy sat behind his desk and nonchalantly blew off my value proposition.

As it turned out, he was wrong. Startups (at least the smart ones) don’t just rely on full-time employees.

Another time, a friend told me that consulting was basically a young man’s game.

He suggested that I wouldn’t have the energy to continually chase down business.

In hindsight, a couple of thoughts.

1. There will be more “experienced” consultants as people flee the 9 to 5 world to do their own thing.

2. The rise of digital marketing and platforms like LinkedIn means you can spend less energy on lead generation. Less energy-zapping and time-consuming coffee meetings, conferences, and networking events.

I’ve always believed in creating your own luck and breaks. Follow your dreams. Blaze your own path.

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