May 13, 2021

Can success be driven by a single marketing channel?

Can marketers exclusively “date” a single channel?

If a single channel performs well, do any channels matter?

I ran into an entrepreneur recently whose company is thriving.

But they’re only using cold outreach to drive B2B leads.

It begs the question: if the channel is working, does it matter?

Why change the marketing “recipe” when it’s working? Why change a good thing?

The risk, however, is the channel stops working.

Then, a company has to scramble to discover a new channel that performs.

That puts pressure on entrepreneurs, marketers, and salespeople to hit pay dirt.

My advice: if you have a channel that performs like a rock star, embrace and optimize it.

At the same time, experiment with other channels. Do some small skunk work projects to see what resonates.

Leverage “traditional” channels but think out of the box and take some tactical and creative risks.

Along the way, you may discover a good second or third channel. They may not perform as well but they offer marketing diversification and lower risk.

Does anyone have experience with one-channel marketing success?

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