March 24, 2022

What’s your approach to marketing on TikTok?

What’s your approach to TikTok this year?

Are you exploring its potential or dismissing a platform with 1B+ users?

At the very least, every company has to take a deep dive into TikTok and experiment to learn about the platform.

It makes no sense to stand on the sidelines. Even if TikTok proves to be a marketing dud, you’ll walk away with valuable insight.

Think about all the companies that explored Clubhouse. The fad fizzled fast but social audio could have exploded and these companies would have been well-positioned.

Marketers should take a look at what companies like Chili Piper and PandaDoc are doing on TikTok. They should learn from marketers like Stephen Pope who is driving leads from TikTok.

They should dip their toes in the TikTok waters. What’s the worse that could happen?

What’s your approach to TikTok? What would keep you from checking it out?

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