May 26, 2020

Marketers, Stop Forcing Round Peg into Square Hole (aka Impatience)

If patience is a virtue, impatience is dangerous.

There's impatience about moving on from COVID-19.

There's impatience about going back to work and hanging out with friends and family.

In business, companies want to re-open the doors.

There's impatience about driving leads at a time when most buyers are cautious about making purchases.

There's an urgency to make things happen.

Many B2B companies are marketing and tactically executing with little or no thought to planning and quality.

There's frustration when things don't arrive on time or customer service fails to meet expectations.

We can't force things to get better faster. You can't make customers behave differently by grinding away.

In time, things will get better. We need to be patient.

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