August 30, 2020

How One Marketer Leverages LinkedIn to Make Money

Jason Vana has a refreshing take on why he’s on LinkedIn.
Sure, it’s the relationships but Jason Vana wants to attract clients and make money.


It’s the dirty little secret about LinkedIn.
Everyone talks about connections and networking but, for many people, it’s about doing business.
It’s like how everyone talks about their jobs and but no one dares disclose how much money they make.
“I’m never going to say the relationship side is not important, but I always chuckle when people are like, ‘I’m just here for the relationships’. No, if you put out content on LinkedIn, even if you’re not actively trying to make money, it benefits you personally,” Jason told me recently on the Marketing Spark podcast.
As marketers scramble to establish a presence on LinkedIn, Jason has a growing number of followers and engagement using an approach that features a flow of posts and actively commenting on other people’s posts.
Jason’s content strategy is interesting. He writes all his posts at the same time around a single theme; it’s about establishing expertise and going deep on a topic.

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