January 10, 2023

LinkedIn: A Game-Changer in Professional Development

It’s easy to complain about LinkedIn.

The algorithm is tricky, engagement fluctuates, and new features are “meh.”

But LinkedIn has been a game-changer professionally since I jumped on the platform in early 2020.

My consulting business has not only grown but expanded beyond the Canadian border.

Most of my clients are non-Canadian, which I never imagined happening.

I’ve built relationships with people around the world and formed many friendships.

When I start travelling again, I look forward to meeting many people in person.

As necessary, I continue to learn from reading and watching intelligent people. I keep a “Saved” list of posts as a go-to resource.

While dabbling with TikTok, I’m still bullish on LinkedIn and its ability to drive ROI.

man holding tablet computer

For what it’s worth, I’m ambivalent about Twitter at a time when some high-profile LinkedIn creators have recently jumped into the fray.

As for what I’d like to see from LinkedIn in 2023:

  • Better UX for “Saved” posts, including more accessible ways to search and tag. I use LinkedIn frequently and feel the pain when organising and finding my saved posts. I think LinkedIn has a lot of great content, but it can be hard to sift through everything. Adding better search and tagging capabilities for saved posts would greatly help.
  • Improved groups, which has been rumoured for years. LinkedIn groups are a great way to connect with like-minded professionals, but they could use some tweaks to make them more engaging and user-friendly.
  • Better analytics for personal accounts. Shield AI continues to rule the roost, but it would be great if LinkedIn could offer something similar built-in.
  • The ability to post a graphic or photo after a post is published. Sometimes you realise after you've hit the "Share" button that you forgot to include a graphic or picture, and it would be great if we could add that in later.
  • Insight the rules of engagement to know what’s onside and offside. I've seen a lot of confusion and differing opinions on what's allowed; it would be great if LinkedIn provided more precise guidelines on what's acceptable.

What’s on your wish list for LinkedIn?

How are you getting value from the platform? Let me know below 👇

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