April 28, 2022

The irresistible ROI of having a podcast

The “North Star” for a podcast isn’t the number of subscribers, streams, or downloads.

They’re vanity metrics. Nice but not critical.

The benefits of a podcast come from:
– Reaching out to people with an offer (an interview) that most of them can’t refuse. It’s digital catnip.

– New and better relationships with prospects, influencers, and customers after a 30 to 60-minute conversation.

– Extracting huge amounts of content (video and audio clips, blog and LinkedIn posts, social media updates) from a single asset.

To me, this is the single biggest reason to launch a podcast.

– Establishing thought leadership by putting your ideas, expertise, and knowledge in the spotlight.

– Creating value-added content that your competitors aren’t doing. Most B2B brands don’t have a podcast, even though it’s a no-brainer.

A podcast can appear to be a lot of work from the outside looking in.

But the potential for amazing ROI is irresistible.

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