December 7, 2021

How to improve your website’s homepage headlines

“How can we improve the copy on our homepage?”

It was the first question asked after I did a positioning workshop last week.

Far too often, website headlines are uninspiring, unclear, and riddled with industry jargon.

When someone hits a website, there is confusion, not clarity.

If someone doesn’t get in seconds what you do and whether your product is relevant, they’ll leave.

Opportunity lost. The prospect is gone, probably forever.

A compelling homepage headline (or even a good one) starts with positioning.

What do you do? Who do you serve? What does it matter to them (benefits?) How are you unique?

Four simple questions to answer.

Your headline should make it abundantly obvious that you do “X”. The sub-headline highlights key benefits or how you’re unique.

The copy below the headlines puts the spotlight on benefits or features so people understand if what you do matters to them and the value delivered.

It’s a simple formula but too many companies stumble, which is troubling and a mystery.

Here’s the solution:
1. Simplify your positioning so anyone can understand it. Dumb it down. It should only take someone seconds to get what you do.
2. Focus on the customer and their needs, the jobs to be done, and why they should care.
3. Avoid industry jargon and generic language that could apply to any company.

Personally, I believe a positioning exercise is a powerful way to focus your marketing and sales.

The deliverables include things like brand positioning statements and value propositions, but also language for marketing and sales assets, including Websites.

Want to improve your positioning through an engagement or workshop? Let’s talk.

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