July 1, 2021

How small changes can make a major marketing impact

For the first six weeks of the baseball season, Ross Stripling was terrible.

The Toronto Blue Jays pitcher was so ineffective, he was openly worried about his future.

But then Stripling worked with his coaches to make some adjustments.

We’re talking about small tweaks in how he delivered the baseball.

But the improvement has been astounding.

Over the past six starts, Stripling has been really good.

As a marketer, it is a reminder that improvements don’t have to involve major overhauls.

In many cases, small changes and optimizations can quickly drive better results.

One of the keys is taking a deep dive into how your marketing and discovering what’s happening and what’s not working.

You’re looking for the issues that are causing major problems.

Like Ross Stripling, the path to redemption and better times may not be that far away.

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