January 29, 2023

How Often Should Your Test Your B2B SaaS Positioning?

How often do you test your positioning?

How do you know if your positioning resonates?

Here’s the thing: positioning has to be fluid, dynamic and evolving.

It’s not a set-it-and-forget-it proposition.

Positioning changes because:

• Customers have different needs. Sometimes, they’re focused on growth. Sometimes, it’s about productivity and saving money.

• The competitive landscape shifts. A new player emerges with an exciting customer story, or a well-known rival shifts directions.

• Your customer story becomes tired and boring. It’s stale rather than fresh, exciting, and interesting.

The signs of ineffectiveness positioning include:

• Higher bounce rates on your website

• Advertising campaigns with lower conversion

• Sales decks and demos that don’t excite prospects.

• New product features that customers see as “meh.”

Outdated positioning is also about gut feeling. You know it when you know it.

It's like telling your favourite joke at a cocktail party and finding that people don't find it funny.

Bottom line: Test your positioning regularly.

• Ask your customers what they think.

• Listen to sales calls to detect if prospects are confused and uninspired.

• Use services like SenseCheck and Wynter to get third-party perspectives.

• Ask your employees, particularly those who talk to customers and prospects.

Be proactive with positioning, not complacent and satisfied.

At the very least, always be looking to tweak the dials to avoid positioning that misses the mark.

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