August 1, 2021

Non-alcoholic beer and the impact of a good origin story

I’ve started to drink non-alcoholic beer. It actually tastes like beer.

Amid many options, I purchased Partake Brewing.

The well-designed packaging and the “World Beer Awards” logo caught my eye.

But what sealed the deal was “My Story” on the side of the box.

Partake founder Ted Fleming talks about why he gave up alcohol after being diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease but how he didn’t want to give up craft beer.

It’s a short story about an entrepreneur’s motivations and aspirations. It’s personal, relatable, and authentic.

That’s powerful marketing and brand storytelling. When you’re an early-stage company, it’s a challenge to connect with consumers on a limited budget.

A good origin story is an effective way to break through the noise. People buy from people.

You may buy from Partake because its beer tastes good. But Fleming’s story gives it a small edge and way to stand out against brands like Heineken and Budweiser. 

Every entrepreneur has a good origin story about how and why they got started.

Want an easy way to discover your origin story?

When you’re at a dinner party, what’s the answer to what do you do and how did you start your business?

The answer should be interesting (even entertaining) because you don’t want to be a boring guest. Right? 

Add a little creativity and you’ll have a marketing asset with a long shelf life.

My origin story: 

I was laid off by a travel startup amid the 2008 global recession. I knew it was coming but it was still a surprise.

I proclaimed to my wife that I would have started my own business if I had six months severance instead of three months.

Her immediate and pragmatic answer: “Well, you need to make your three-month severance last for six months”.

It was something that I wanted to do. I just needed a small nudge to make it happen.

More: Send me your original story and I’ll provide a free mini-critique.

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