October 22, 2020

Good Marketing Can’t Perform Miracles on Bad Products

Marketing – even great marketing – can’t perform miracles.
It can’t make up for a bad product. In other words, you can put lipstick on a pig but it’s still a pig!
Sooner or later, a bad product will be found out. Its failings will be discovered, highlighted, and shared.


Content is king but a great product is an ace in the hole.
A great product makes marketing easy or, at least, easier.
It propels brand storytelling. Marketers can tap into customers seeing huge value from the product.
A great product fuels sales because salespeople can truly believe what they’re asking prospects to buy.
And a great product makes recruiting easier because there’s palpable excitement about a company’s future.
So, here’s a question: what does a marketer do if their company’s product is bad or mediocre?

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