July 19, 2022

Hello. Would you like a glass of wine?

“Would you like a glass of wine?”

That’s a savvy way to turn a visitor into a prospect. It’s a marketing/sales tactic that turned a quick retail visit by my wife into a long conversation….with a  glass of wine.

And then it got more interesting:
– The person, Diego, who offered us the wine, lived in Toronto (where we live) before moving to Porto.
– I learned he’s looking to import wine into Canada, so I plan to connect him with a friend.

The lesson:
Consumers have many options, and capturing their attention is hard, even for a short time. Companies must do interesting, different or special things to stand out.

A good product isn’t enough. It’s table stakes. In B2B, compelling positioning and messaging, creative advertising, value-added content, a free worksheet or tool, or a Website resonate with prospects.

It sparks someone to ask for a conversation, demo, or more information, or dig deeper into what your product offers. In other words, you need a foot in the door (or a glass of wine) to ignite possibilities.

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