July 3, 2022

Standing out amid fierce and close competition

In my neighbourhood, there are three grocery stores within a 10-minute walk.

It’s an embarrassment of riches. 

Two of them are owned by major corporations. 

The other, Fiesta Farms, is an independent grocer with a rapid following.

People will drive for miles to shop at Fiesta and pay a premium to do it.

Fiesta has thrived amid fierce competition with differentiated positioning.

Its shelves are overflowing with organic products, it stocks boutique products from local suppliers, and its fruit and vegetables are high-quality.

The competition has the same products but Fiesta has positioned itself as the option for people who want a unique experience and different products.

In good and challenging times, positioning matters.

In fact, I would contend that positioning is crucial as B2B SaaS companies battle for customers. 

It’s not enough to simply depend on strong demand to fuel sales. 

Companies need to stand up and apart from the crowd to outflank rivals.

Looking for help with your positioning? Check out this DIY guide (ungated, of course!)

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