October 4, 2023

Email Marketing Ain't Sexy But it's Alive and Well

Amid the rise of AI, it's easy to overlook a marketing workhorse: email.

It's not sexy (anymore!), but email is a powerful way to attract, nurture and engage prospects and customers.

On my podcast, I had a great conversation with Shay Howe, chief marketing officer with ActiveCampaign, about various other topics.

When I asked him about the future of email marketing, he was unequivocally clear.

"Alive and well. "We've talked a little bit about so many updates happening across other channels, but one of the most important is email and using email to be of value.

"Don't be infotainment or general info. That will be commoditized when we think about the world of AI.

But truly building thought leadership and providing valuable information that's non-promotional to your audience is going to be a true way to grow."

Listen to the podcast.

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