July 29, 2021

Declaring “we’re #1” is lazy marketing

Declaring yourself to be #1 is lazy marketing.
You’ve probably come across websites that declare their product as the market leader.
The first reaction: who says that you’re #1?”
The second reaction: I don’t believe you.
The third reaction: that’s the best you can do?
To be honest, being #1 is irrelevant. Sure, it’s great to dominate the market. Who wouldn’t want to be Amazon, Netflix, Dropbox, HubSpot, or MailChimp?
But it’s more important to have customers who value your product because it delivers and delights. When that happens, customers turn into advocates and become a powerful marketing army.
Then, you don’t need to declare “We’re #1”. It is obvious to many people that you’re the best option.
We’re #1” is a product-centric approach to marketing at a time when being customer-centric matters. Customers don’t care about your product. They care about themselves. They’re selfish.
They want to see value, benefits, and the experiences that your product helps to make happen. It’s about them.
If your product delivers, customers don’t care if you’re #1 or #10.

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