September 9, 2021

Creating content powered by developing a well-oiled machine

Creating content is easy, relatively speaking.

Creating high-quality content is daunting. Creating high-quality content that people read is ultra-challenging.

If you peel back the onion, the most successful content is driven by processes and systems.

It’s a well-oiled assembly line as opposed to a seat-of-the-pants creative activity.

Brad Smith, CEO with Wordable, says companies need strategic plans and, as important, they have to combine good content with search engine optimization. 

If it sounds like a lot of work, but Brad says it’s an integral part of the game well at a time when the playing field is increasingly crowded and noisy.

On the Marketing Spark podcast, Brad and I dive into what it takes to create content that engages and attracts an audience.

– The importance of discovering relevant keywords that companies can win and rank for.

– How marketers can consistently generate ideas for content.

– How to work with freelancers and agencies.]

– How to build an in-house content marketing team

– How to assess the performance of content marketers qualitatively and qualitatively

– The key to successful content distribution

It’s an in-depth conversation that offers insight beyond content creation. Listen here.

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