Content Repurposing is Over-Hyped

Content repurposing is over-hyped.It's sold as a panacea. Share, and you shall thrive.

It's easy to advocate for repurposing.

Who wouldn't want to see content splashed on Twitter, Facebook, Quora, Reddit, LinkedIn, Instagram, newsletters and blogs?

Create it once and drive exposure and ROI by putting it everywhere.

But repurposing is a lot of work.It's not as simple as cutting and pasting, although you see it happening often.Repurposing often means reshaping and reformatting content for different platforms.Copy needs to be reimagined and restructured, and graphics has to be different sizes.It takes time, resources, and money to do well.

But here's another reality: repurposing can have a narrow focus.

A blog post, for example, can be repurposed into LinkedIn posts. Full stop.You repurpose (aka dance) where the party (your audience) is happening. If they're not a platform, why repurpose?

Like anything, repurpose with purpose and a strategic approach.Focus on ROI and getting content in front of the people who matter.Repurposing is not a one-size-fits-all proposition.

Do what works for you rather than drinking the repurposing Kool-aid being pushed by gurus.

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