August 10, 2021

Why content must be a critical part of the marketing mix

Last year, content marketing became a necessary evil.

Many B2B SaaS companies had little choice because their marketing “drug” of choice – conferences – disappeared.

Instead of physically connecting with prospects, companies had to connect using insight, opinion, and guidance.

It forced companies to abruptly become publishers to attract and engage prospects.

But here’s the question: will companies continue to use content marketing or shift their focus and dollars back to conferences?

Conferences are easy. You buy a sponsorship package, which includes a booth and often a speaking slot, and aim to interest as many people as possible.

Marketers can claim success by the number of conversations, prospects added to the CRM, the reaction to an executive’s presentation, and the “best in show” award, which are handed out like candy at Halloween.

Content-driven marketing is a challenge.

– It’s hard to create a well-oiled machine that constantly creates high-quality content.

– It requires effort to drive distribution to ensure that content reaches the right audiences in the right places.

– It takes time for the impact of content marketing to emerge, particularly around organic SEO.

When strategically and tactically done right, however, content marketing establishes a competitive edge.

Companies that develop value-added content (e.g. DataboxVidyardDrift) drive brand awareness and position themselves as thought leaders and go-to resources.

These companies believe in the power of content to educate, engage, encourage, and entertain. They understand that content is one of the pillars of marketing and sales success.

And even as conferences re-emerge, their commitment to content is unwavering.

As companies review their marketing in 2021, my advice is to keep content front and center.

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