April 20, 2023

Content Marketing is Dead. Long live Content Marketing 2.0

Content marketing, as we know it, is over.

Content ROI will be more challenging, if not impossible.

I’m a glass-half-full person but discouraged by the future of content.


ChatGPT and AI will make creating content at scale super easy and fast.

Need to create a piece of content? 

ChatGPT will do it in seconds. It’s marketing magic! 

The content landscape will be overwhelmed by content. A lot of it will be generic, not insightful or interesting.

However, it will create fierce competition, making it harder for people to find your content.

If you’re not already worried, you should be.

If you take a glass-half-empty view of the world, content marketing could no longer attract and engage prospects. Instead, it will gather digital dust.

Why do something that won’t move the needle or generate ROI?

The $64,000 question facing every brand is how to make their content stand out.

What content do they need to create that will resonate and engage readers with a smorgasbord of options?

How can they leverage content distribution, repurposing and SEO to break through the noise?

On a related note, you’re probably seeing posts that boldly declare how a company is successfully using ChatGPT at scale and attracting lots of traffic.

In the short term, they may have a competitive advantage.

But what happens when every company adopts the same technology? That competitive advantage will quickly evaporate.

We’re at the beginning of an arm’s race.

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