January 13, 2021

Why Clubhouse is Sparking Growing Social Media Anxiety

What’s your plan for Clubhouse?
It’s new, hot, and addictive, and, at the same time, a social dilemma.
B2B marketers need to think about if and/or how they will embrace Clubhouse.


This is particularly pertinent for people who have leveraged LinkedIn so effectively.
Clubhouse has ignited what I call “social media anxiety”.
It’s not enough to do well on a platform (LinkedIn) when there are other tempting platforms.
Clubhouse is a digital tease because there is much buzz. (Wonderful marketing, by the way!)
I would argue TikTok is becoming more difficult to resist. B2B marketers, who dismissed it as a platform for teenagers and dance videos, not see it becoming a place for businesses.
And B2B marketers are conflicted about what to do about both platforms.
Marketers don’t want to risk having social media remorse; blowing something off only to see it become ultra-popular.
It’s like being at a buffet. You don’t want to overeat but everything looks so good. What to do, what to do!
My advice: explore new platforms to learn and experiment but don’t wildly chase every shiny toy, including Clubhouse.

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