May 9, 2021

Not surprisingly, Clubhouse is doomed

Clubhouse is doomed.
You know it when people who spent hours a day on Clubhouse like Andy Foote are talking about its failure.
Here’s my take on CH’s Phoenix-like rise and fall:
1. CH was the right product…for a short period of time.
With COVID, people were bored and lonely. CH filled the gap. It was an easy way to connect with other people. As COVID retreats, the need to talk with strangers fades away.
2. FOMO.
People didn’t want to make the same mistake they made with TikTok, dismissing the platform only to see it become super-popular, including as a B2B marketing channel. It explains why people with large LinkedIn connections jumped into CH with both feet.
3. Content barriers
A social media pillar is discoverability. Social media platforms hook people by making it easy to consume lots of content. On CH, that’s not happening. The only way to learn about interesting rooms is if they’re promoted on other social platforms.
Context: CH has millions of users so it’s not a complete failure. It’s like Friendster.
Prediction: CH will be “acquired” for $1B to $2B so the Silicon Valley VCs don’t look dumb for giving CH a $4B valuation.
Last note: If you’re curious about CH, I have a handful of invitations. Want one? Send me an email.

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