September 26, 2023

Case Study: Storylane's Homepage Messaging: Clear and Bold

Simple messaging is powerful.

It's easy to understand and instantly delivers.

A case (study) in point is Storylane's homepage:

"Build Killer Product Demos in 10 minutes"

• It is easy to understand what a customer can do and how Storylane stands out.

"Interactive demos to wow your prospects and close deals faster"

• It is not oozing with creativity, but the benefits are obvious.

In a fast-moving world, you have seconds (literally!) to make an impression.

Prospects need to understand why what you do matters to them quickly.If there's confusion, fuzziness, or a lack of clarity, people will click away and likely never return.

Here's a simple way to discover if your messaging resonates:

• Let someone with no connection to you or your company look at your homepage for 10 seconds (let's be generous).

• Then, ask them to tell you what your company does and why someone would be interested in your product.If they hesitate or can't deliver a good answer, you're in trouble.

Here's an offer that you shouldn't refuse:

• I'll do a free, down-and-dirty review of your Website and send you a Loom video with my thoughts and feedback.

No strings attached.

Reach out if you're interested.

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