June 6, 2021

Business is easy when you have powerful operating systems

Have you ever experienced runner’s high? It when running feels effortless, euphoric, and easy.

My business now feels like that. The work isn’t effortless but it flows. I’m productive, and there’s little stress.

Customers seem to be happy and there’s a healthy flow of prospects. I would almost suggest that business is easy.

But the truth is a lot has happened behind the scenes. Over the past year, I’ve worked on the business as much in the business.

It’s been things like:

– Hiring a business coach for the first time. The perspective and support have been amazing.

– Implementing systems to onboard and serve clients efficiently and thoroughly. This has been a game-changer. No more doing work by the seat of my seats or making it up on the fly.

– Launching a podcast (a labor of love) after putting it off for a couple of years.

– Spending a lot of time on LinkedIn, including talking to 100+ people via Zoom.

– Investing in good tools, services, and equipment to drive productivity, creativity, and branding.

Running a business is not easy. It’s an always-on, 24/7 operation.

One of the keys to success is putting systems and processes in place that make you and your business more efficient and effective.

This allows you to focus on high-priority work and tasks that drive ROI and that you enjoy doing. Meanwhile, you avoid time-consuming grunt work that zaps your energy and creativity.
Truth be told, it’s hard to change how you do business, particularly when you’re an integral part of how it operates. But a powerful operating system makes work more fun, easier, and better.
Listen: If you’re looking for B2B marketing insight on a wide variety of topics, check out my podcast interview with Refine Lab’s Chris Walker. He’s super smart and engaging.

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