April 8, 2021

Brand Positioning: Marketing with Huge ROI

Brand positioning is like the foundation of a house. If it’s not solid, the building collapses.

It doesn’t matter if the best craftspeople or the right materials were used.

It works the same way for marketing and sales. If your positioning isn’t clear and compelling, your marketing will fail.

Prospects will be confused, uninspired, and unmotivated. Even worse, they’ll buy from competitors.

Positioning is one of the best investments because the ROI is so high.

There is so much value from clearly telling the world what you do, who you serve, and how you’re unique.

As important, it does the following:

– Turns your Website into a conversion machine.

– Builds broader awareness with advertising, PR, and social media.

– Closes more deals with sales presentations that speak to the needs of your ideal customers.

– Informs and improves your product roadmap with a clear direction.

Given the benefits, improve your positioning is a no-brainer.

Even if you think your positioning is strong, there is value in reviewing and getting feedback.

If you have questions about positioning and how to make it happen, let me know.

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