May 6, 2021

B2B SaaS CEOs should to create LinkedIn content

Why isn’t every B2B SaaS CEO creating content on LinkedIn?
It’s a great way to establish thought leadership, personal branding, corporate brand awareness, and connections to other people.
Given that, why are so many CEOs afraid to step into the fray? Too risky? A lack of confidence?
It could come down to:
⭒ Not enough time to develop ideas and create content that resonates.
⭒ A lack of writing skills to turn thoughts into insightful posts.
⭒ The possibility that their content will be controversial.
⭒ Protecting personal brands.
⭒ Following disclosure rules.
They’re legitimate but shouldn’t hold back CEOs from being active on LinkedIn.
If a CEO isn’t a good writer or lacks the time, their marketing teams should fix that. Maybe it is a monthly meeting where the CEO talks about interesting trends, issues, and ideas.
Ideas are then turned into posts, which improve over time as the CEO feels more confident and writers learn how the CEO wants to position themselves.
CEOs have to trust their marketers and recognize content can’t be perfect all the time. Rather than creating obstacles, CEOs have to make the process flow better and faster.
There’s risk in posting on LinkedIn but there are huge opportunities for B2B SaaS CEOs willing to step into the spotlight. For inspiration, check out Casey Graham.
Questions about how to create content on LinkedIn? Let’s touch base.

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