February 10, 2022

Are webinars becoming sexy again?

If gated content is a non-starter, how do marketers capture email addresses?

Will Webinar become a go-to weapon?

Maybe. Webinars are alive and well, even if they’re not terribly sexy.

A good Webinar educates and engages. There’s no blatant selling.

A good Webinar feels like a discussion between smart people.

Even better, it encourages audience participation, whether it’s via questions, surveys, live chat, or polls.

At the end of a Webinar, a participant should feel like it was time well spent.

The Webinar delivered insight, guidance, and information about how to do business differently or better.

It generates brand affinity, goodwill and awareness.

Even better, there’s just a minimal amount of post-Webinar marketing (perhaps an email or two), rather than an onslaught.

Like anything, companies need to believe that they will be rewarded by giving.

By educating and not aggressively pushing their products, the ROI happens in different ways.

One last piece of advice: unless you’re a major brand with a large following, it’s a good idea to partner with another brand to host a Webinar.

By joining marketing forces, a solid audience is attracted. You don’t want to spend hours organizing a webinar only to have nobody show up.

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