September 16, 2021

How agile marketing drives better, more focused outcomes

In the software world, agile has been around for many years.

But agile is being embraced by companies that believe that marketing is broken in an always-on world.

Michael Seaton says agile marketing fundamentally changes how marketers think and work.

It’s about making marketing more structured, hyper-focused, and effective.

On my podcast, Michael talks about how one of the most key considerations is recognizing what agile marketing is and is not.

Agile involves adopting new transformative approaches at a time when so much marketing is automated and hard-coded.

It’s not about flexibility and making snap decisions.

It’s about giving marketers the psychological safety to test and learn without getting sent to the penalty box if they make mistakes.

For marketers looking for a new perspective on how to do their jobs better and differently, Michael has some interesting thoughts.

Listen to the podcast.

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