March 18, 2021

After Clicking Publish B2B SaaS Content, Promote It!

What happens after you hit the “publish” button?

Your content goes live and then what?

A few shares on Twitter and a plug on your newsletter?

For a lot of people, content marketing is mostly about creation, not distribution.

A lot of hard and great insight is consumed because people never see it.

In the process, content fails to generate the expected ROI.

A much better approach is a heavy investment in distribution.

Spread the word loudly and widely. Be creative and aggressive.

When I interviewed Lately’s Kate Chernis, she described it as “after-the-fact marketing”.

Rather than making distribution an afterthought, we need to double-down on it.

How much more could you honestly do to get people to see your content?

Could specific channels be used better or differently?

Can your content be repurposed to make it user-friendly – e.g. turning podcasts into videos?

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