March 23, 2021

A Deep Dive into the Fast-Growing Subscription Economy

The subscription economy is experiencing massive growth.
I’m talking tens of billions of dollars annually.
Subscriptions are becoming ubiquitous. Like NFTs, everyone’s doing them.
Netflix, Spotify, Dollar Shave Club, Birchbox, and Bacon is Meat Candy. (Yes, bacon as a subscription!)
Why the astounding growth?
Convenience. Sales predictability.
Whatever the reason, we’re moving to a subscription economy from a transaction economy.
It is forcing many companies to overhaul their business models and how they acquire and retain customers.
On the newest Marketing Spark podcast, Adam Levinter, a subscription economy consultant, author, and podcaster, and I take a deep dive into the subscription economy.
We explore:
– The keys to success; personalization, the customer experience, and good storytelling.
– The biggest mistakes made by companies jumping into the subscription economy.
– The impact on marketing given the higher focus on customer nurturing and retention.
– How traditional loyalty programs will fare
– Why VCs are piling into the sector.
You can learn more about Adam via his Website and LinkedIn.

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