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I help B2B technology companies generate high-quality leads and sales.

Marketing focused on who and what matters to make an impact.




Here’s how I help fast-growing companies:

Since 2008, I’ve worked with 100+ B2B companies as a fractional CMO, consultant, and advisor. It’s been a great journey.

Using proven frameworks and processes, I focus on brand positioning, strategic planning, and tactical execution. I help clients position themselves as unique and differentiated, establish a plan for success, and then help them make things happen.

I’m high-energy, ideas-driven, and collaborative. I can serve as a part-time CMO, get involved with projects, consulting, and coaching. To learn more about how I can help with your marketing, let’s talk.

Here’s my story

I began my career as a technology reporter for the National Post and Globe & Mail. My entrepreneurial journey began during the dot-com boom when a friend convinced me to leave journalism to launch a software company. I worked with three startups before deciding to start a consulting business. Soon, I was approached by B2B companies looking for help with storytelling, marketing strategies, and tactics. The rest, as they say, is history.

I do a weekly marketing podcast, publish one of Canada’s leading newsletters, which features curated content about marketing and growth. My most recent book, Marketing Spark, helps entrepreneurs embrace story-driven marketing. I’m an advisor to The Next 36 and a mentor with the OCAD’s Imagine Catalyst program. When not working, I play a lot of hockey and tennis and take long summer vacations.

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People Say…

“As we looked to refine and improve our messaging, Mark played a key role in providing guidance and perspective. Mark helped us explore new and creative opportunities from multiple stakeholders.”

Jeff Goldenberg, Abacus

If want to get the job done, Mark is your guy. He is tenacious and very organized. He also recognized when we were struggling to get content done and would jump in an offer to help. Probably the greatest asset that Mark brought to the team and the project was his collaborative nature. We worked through many scenarios and he guided us through two very large pivots in our thinking.

Brian McConnell, Wellington Consulting

If you’re looking to develop clear messaging for your company/brand, Mark is the person you want to work with. He helped us develop our messaging and talking points for our target market – something we had struggled with for a long time. I highly recommend Mark!

Chris Gory, Insurance Portfolio Financial Services

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Want to learn more about how I you grow faster with marketing that actually works? Send me an email or call me at 416-669-7028.

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