How do you scale a marketing team at a hyper-growth company.?

It’s an excellent problem to have. Who wouldn’t want to ride a rocket?

Managing growth is a significant challenge for Ruth Zive, who has led marketing at Ada for nearly three years.

Earlier this year, the Toronto-based company raised $130 million.

Ruth, who has headed up marketing at Ada for nearly three years, says momentum and capital have allowed her to take a different approach to marketing, 

“We have the wind in our sails, and we are well-capitalized. So, now we can take a breath and be a lot more thoughtful and strategic about the future,” Ruth said on my podcast.

“In the past, we would make decisions from month to month. Now, we very deliberately planning for one or two years out.”

Ruth said the latitude to focus on long-term planning comes from establishing foundational systems and processes that deliver rigorous, dependability, and predictability.

On the podcast, Ruth and I talked about:

– Her approach to building a B2B marketing team.

– How to identify the best talent and balance between skills, personality, and talent.

– When and how to work with third-party suppliers to mitigate risk

– Quantifying marketing success; MQLs are not a measure of success but a leading indicator.

– Gated vs. un-gated content.

It is fascinating insight from someone in the eye of the marketing hurricane. 

Listen to the full conversation with Ruth.