A website without pricing information is like playing pin the tail on the donkey.

You’re literally asking prospects to operate blind.

Why would you want to take that approach to the people who really matter? All you’re doing is frustrating them.

Even worse, you’re forcing them to search for “[your brand] and pricing”. The likely result is that your competitors and their pricing information appear.

Nice work on losing a prospect.

If your product delivers value, tell people what it costs. If the price is too high, they’ll back away. That’s perfectly alright. 

You don’t want them as customers.

You want customers willing and happy to pay because your product delivers ROI.

Pricing is a powerful weapon within your marketing and sales arsenal.

You need to be crystal clear about who should use your product and its value to them.

If they see the value and if their pain, problem, or goals need to be addressed, it comes down to whether they’re willing to pay the price.