So what?

It’s a question that you don’t want customers to ask.

If your marketing isn’t clear and compelling, prospects will say “so, what?”

Prospects have short attention spans. They’re scanning, not reading. They have competing priorities.

They don’t have the time to decipher marketing that doesn’t get to the point.

A case in point is a B2B SaaS sales enablement software company that declares that it’s the “#1” in a category that it likely invented.

My response: What does that mean and how does it matter to a prospect?

It’s slick marketing but, honestly, could you tell what this company does and what it delivers? I can’t.

Instead, I would want to know:

– What does your software do?

– How does it help sales teams?

– How it is unique?

I don’t want to be critical but I’m a big fan of simplicity and marketing that gets to the point.

Tell customers what you do for them not what your product does and your industry status.

They honestly don’t care about you. They care about how you’re going to help them get the job done, whatever that may be.

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