Vladimir Guerrero Jr. is having a phenomenal season: hitting. 337 with 16 home runs.

It comes after two disappointing years for one of baseball’s best prospects.

But even with an enormous amount of talent, it took time for Guerrero, who plays for the Toronto Blue Jays, to perform at a high level. He didn’t have instant success. In fact, there were some concerns that he was a bust.

In the same way, marketing success often doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time to consistently attract and engage prospects.

While everyone wants instant gratification, marketing requires patience and following a strategic path to achieve your goals

One of the reasons to explain Guerrero’s improved performance is he lost more than 40 pounds in the off-season.

To extend the marketing analogy: sometimes less is more.

Many marketers believe that doing a lot is the way to attract an audience. But, in reality, less lets you focus on the marketing activities, channels, and people who matter.

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