Will the in-person coffee meeting return?

Will people still be interested in networking events?

As the world slowly returns to a non-pandemic state, networking is a wild card.

What we took for granted (going to conferences, meetups, social events) may or may not come back in full force.

But relationships and connection are important. For professional and personal reasons, networking is necessary and valuable.

And as much as a lot of people believe social network is the same as networking, it’s not. They’re different beasts with different rules of engagement.

Marc Angelos knows the networking “game” from his days as a Wall Street salesman. To him, relationships mean business, big business.

In this episode of the Marketing Spark podcast, Marc and I explore:

– Why content is new relationship ammunition. As Marc says, you need to give to take.

– Why salespeople need to become better communicators rather than relying on marketing. He will be published a new book on the topic soon.

– The future of LinkedIn (Marc suggests it’s going the way of Facebook) and Clubhouse.

– The three keys to good conversations: curiosity, active listening, and empathy.

– People willing to meet a prospect in person may outflank those who do Zoom calls.

It’s an educational and entertaining conversation with someone who has spent his entire career developing relationships in a cut-throat world.