Marketing shouldn’t be “set it and forget it”.

But it’s easy to do the same things day in, day out.

My newsletter was a perfect example.

For the past couple of years, it had been slowly dying.

Unsubscribes outstripped new subscribers and the content resonated less.

It wasn’t for a lack of effort or enthusiasm.

But nevertheless, I slogged on.

Then, my business coach cajoled me to do things differently.

Turf the weekend newsletter that offered curated content.

Launch a 3X/week newsletter featuring marketing insight.

Somewhat reluctantly, I pulled the trigger on it.

Some people unsubscribed but new people are subscribing.

Why didn’t I do it earlier? Why watch something flounder for so long?

Fear of change? Maybe. Laziness. Possibly.

It was an educational marketing lesson.

Questions to ask yourself

– What marketing is happening?

– How well is really performing?

– What’s stopping you from changing lanes?

– How long have been doing things the same way?

What would make you do something differently?