Some quick thoughts about Clubhouse, the drop-in audio platform taking the digital world by storm.

✴ It’s the real deal. From a few days on the platform, I see huge potential, although it’s difficult to know what parts will resonate.

✴ The experience will improve. I’d like to see a schedule about when sessions are happening. Right now, it feels like jumping on a rollercoaster as it approaches the ground.

clubhouse✴ Clubhouse stars will emerge (if they haven’t already) who will command huge audiences. I wonder if there’s a Joe Rogan or Howard Stern of Clubhouse?

✴ Clubhouse will fuel a big business ecosystem: consultants, growth hackers, voice teachers, trainers, etc. who will help people leverage the platform. Michael David Chapman and Mackenzie Boli are top voices.

✴ Hard-core LinkedIn users will embrace ways to marry the two platforms. They will discover how to drive synergies to fuel more connections and brand awareness.

✴ Personally, I can see how Clubhouse makes it easier to discover and connect with more people. A case in point is A N D Y F O O T E whom I “met” on a discussion this week.

✴ Clubhouse lets you get right to conversations. No need to make connections.

✴ LinkedIn should quickly introduce audio chats (1:1 and groups) to jump on the audio bandwagon. Audio will make LinkedIn more engaging, keep people on the platform for longer amounts of time, and dissuade users from jumping to Clubhouse.

Here’s a good article on why Clubhouse could be the next major social media platform and how to use it. As well, some people are wondering how Clubhouse will impact podcasting. As well, check out this video overview that demonstrates Clubhouse’s features and how to use it.

If you’re on Clubhouse, connect with me: @marketingspark

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