By and large, B2B drip marketing campaigns are annoying and useless.

Sparked by submitting an email address, drip marketing campaigns are designed to beat you into submission.

drip marketingDay after day after day there’s yet another email about a super amazing feature.

This product is wonderful that you would be a fool not to buy it right now. And if you don’t, we’ll send you another email tomorrow.


Instead, drip marketing should focus on the customer and how your product meets their needs, drive their experiences, and deliver tons of value.

Your content needs to relevant and personalized. It can’t be a one-size-fits-all proposition.

B2B marketers need to take a different approach to drip marketing. It needs to be a lot smarter than simply setting up a workflow based on open/unopen scenarios.

Tell your prospects stories, engage them in conversations, guide them through how your product is unique and meets their needs, and showcase how other customers are being successful.

Marketing Spark is hosted by Mark Evans. the principal with ME Consulting, which works with fast-growing B2B companies to do marketing better or differently.

Mark’s areas of expertise include brand positioning (aka your story), strategic plans (where and how to tell your story and the audience), and hands-on tactical execution.

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