People don’t care about your product.

They don’t care how it works or the features.

They care about the experience that it delivers.

How will your product change their lives? What could they do with your product to become faster, smarter, more productive, healthier, more confident, a better person, or happier?

The big mistake made by many companies is they’re product-centric rather than customer-centric. They believe that if they build a better mousetrap, it will magically attract waves of consumers.

The sticky problem is that competitors make the same type of mousetraps with similar benefits, features, and prices. It is hard, if not impossible, to differentiate in a crowded marketplace.

This is why brand storytelling matters.

Creating compelling narratives that amplify the brand experience is powerful and effective. It is how companies break through the noise and connect with people who want to see versions of themselves using your product.

Once you’ve hooked them with great storytelling, then you can let them know about your wonderful features and prices.

This video (below) is an example of wonderful brand storytelling. It tells the story of Bertha Benz, the wife of Karl Benz, a German engine designer and automotive engineer who invented the motorcar in 1885.

The video tells the story of how Bertha took the first long-distance road trip by car. She traveled 108 kilometers to visit her parents, a trip that took 12 hours!

In the video, Bertha’s car runs out of fuel in the middle of a small town. The tension builds as the people living in the town think that she may be a witch.

It’s a terrific example of classic storytelling that quickly draws you in.

You have the hero is facing a challenge. There’s a threat, which makes you wonder if the hero will escape. Then, the hero discovers an ally, who provides a key piece of information that allows her to reach their destination.

While Mercedes-Benz has the money to make this type of video, every company can embrace brand storytelling. The key is thinking about your customers and how your product impacts their lives.

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