The son of a good friend likes all of my Instagram posts. I mean, he likes EVERY single photo.

At a time when it’s a challenge to capture anyone’s attention, I’m happy to have one super-fan.

It does make me wonder what it’s like to have an army of super-fans who respond enthusiastically to everything that you post.

I mean, there are people on LinkedIn who write three words [yes, three words!] that ignite a flurry of likes and comments.

Why does that happen while longer insightful posts by other people are barely noticed?

Maybe it’s the power of the brand.

Maybe it’s that people feel the need to be part of the conversation.

Maybe the lesson is that while having broad appeal is great, it is also powerful to have a small group of people who love your brand and what you do.

In other words, there’s strength in small numbers.

So what does this mean for small companies looking to build brand awareness? First, rally around your customers, even if there aren’t many of them. Engage them. Ask for their feedback and thoughts about your product and, as important, their needs.

Make them feel like their business is valued and demonstrate your commitment to serving them.

When your customers feel special, a few things happen. One, it builds brand affinity and loyalty, which is powerful. Second, they become evangelists for your brand and product, which is even more powerful. In fact, it is the most powerful marketing and sales tool.

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