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Fortnite is the bain of my existence. The amount of time that my son spends playing Fortnite is exasperating and puzzling. Yet, Fortnite has become a global powerhouse in the e-gaming space, highlighted by the recent Fortnite World Cup attended by a raucous sold-out crowd at Arthur Ashe Stadium in New York.

Not surprisingly, Fortnite has also emerged as a high-potential marketing opportunity for brands. In Fast Company, Jeff Danley looks at three ways that brands can engage with the Fortnite World Cup and its 250-million active users.


Why AI Needs Help With Content Curation

AI can do a lot of amazing things but humans still need to be involved in content curation. It has a lot to do with understanding context and intent, something beyond the best-trained technology.

Embracing the Power of Voice and Content

As much as many people use voice commands to communicate with their iPhones and Amazon Echo, many brands are still lagging behind how to leverage voice and content marketing. Jay Baer looks at eight voice and content trends for 2020.

Video Marketing Made Easy

For B2B and B2C brands, video marketing is a no-brainer to engage time-strapped consumers. Drift published a “complete” guide to video marketing, including the different formats that brands can embrace.

50 of the Best Marketing Blogs

Aside from getting a weekly dose of marketing content from this newsletter, here are 50 marketing blogs aggregated by Top Rank Marketing’s Lee Odden.

Content Trends Gleaned from 160+ Sales Calls

Over the past 18 months, Jimmy Daley did 168 sales calls and discovered some of the key content trends and challenges impacting brands looking to attract customers. It’s a good read to get a better understanding of how to create content that resonates.

One of the keys to attracting and hiring great startup employees is offering amazing benefits. [link] (sponsor)

Why Marketing Leaders Don’t Last

Compared with other C-Level executives, chief marketing officers have a shorter shelf life, lasting only an average of 4.1 years. This Harvard Business Review article suggests that the turnover stems from poor job design and how responsibilities, expectations, and performance measures are not aligned and realistic.

How to Improve Your SEO in 30 Minutes

As Google unveils changes to its search algorithm, Neil Patel says he has discovered a hack that will improve your SEO in 30 minutes. It almost sounds too good to be true.

The Marketing Power of a Rock-Solid FAQ

Like “About” pages, FAQs don’t get much respect. But Neil Patel contends that if done properly, FAQs can become high-converting Webpages. He says it starts by asking the right questions.

In the movie, Wolf of Wall Street, Leonardo DiCaprio, asks a room full of salespeople to “sell him the pen.” In this blog post, Jeff Wiener shows you the “right” way to sell the pen, which, as he says, isn’t about selling the pen, but, about selling yourself and making yourself likable.

The Video Store That Survived Netflix

If video killed the radio star, then Netflix killed the video store. But there apparently 2,000 video stores in the U.S. that refuse to go away. Case in point is Captain Video in San Mateo, Ca.

The End of Cardboard Boxes

In the “Convenience Era” (Note: Subway is now offering home delivery), people are getting bulky cardboard boxes stuffed with packaging filler, only to quickly throw them away. 3M has developed a new product that cuts down on materials and space.

Oh, Canada!
Clearbanc Raises $393M to Fuel Entrepreneurs

In the wake of raising $159.28 million, Clearbanc has raised an additional $393 million to help scale its alternative fundraising model for entrepreneurs. The recent round comes in two parts: a $65 million CAD equity round and a $328 million financing facility,

Toronto’s Tech Boom Transforming City

It has been fascinating over the past 10 years to see the emergence of Toronto’s tech ecosystem. More than 80,000 tech jobs have been created in the past five years and downtown Toronto has attracted major players such as Uber, Google, Netflix, and Microsoft.

Immigrants Looking for Tech Opportunites in Canada

A key part of Canada’s booming technology sector is the flow of talent immigrants who no longer feel comfortable going to the U.S. This is helping to alleviate the impact of the “Brain Drain” to the U.S.

Connecting Superstar Athletes and Startups

When basketball superstar Seth Curry invested in Toronto’s SnapTravel, it was a huge surprise. But a growing number of athletes are interested in startups, which led to the first Athlete Tech Summit recently.

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