In this week’s edition of Grow Even Faster, my weekly newsletter, the lead item is how MailChimp became a $700-million business without venture capital or an IPO. For nearly 20 years, the Atlanta-based company has chugged along to become the leaders in the email marketing business.

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The Sales Magic of In-Person Events

The marketing world is obsessed with everything digital. But here’s the thing: old school marketing is still successful. I’m talking about marketing in which people talk to people (a radical idea!): conferences, meetups, dinners, and networking events.

MailChimp’s $700-million Bootstrapping Success

MailChimp is a technology giant in the email marketing space. Yet, it has never raised venture capital and it has happily carried for nearly 20 years without considering VC, an IPO or selling out for billions of dollars.

Is Your Brand Messaging Consistent?

One of the keys to brand success is making sure everyone tells the same story. The key points are highlighted and no one is creating their own version of the truth. Riley Gibson explains why it’s important to start measuring message consistency.

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The Most Important Marketing Metrics for CEOs

What do B2B CE0s want to really know about how marketing is performing? According to MarketingCharts, they want more information about marketing influenced customer percentage and return on marketing investment.

Why Companies Focus on Products Noone Wants

The number one reason why startups fail is there’s no market need. Strategyzer’s Alexander Osterwalder looks at the reasons why entrepreneurs spend so much time and effort on products that fail to resonate with consumers.

The Keys to Websites That Drives Conversions

Websites are designed to make things happen – be it a download, contact request or education. Unbounce’s Amy Middleton Hebdon looks at the reasons why many Websites fail to drive conversions.

So You Want to Hire a Marketer. Now What?

Hiring a marketer is exciting and, in some ways, intimidating. Arielle Jackson, First Round’s marketing expert in residence, says the key hurdles are figuring out why a marketer has to be hired and when it should happen.

19 Ways to Measure Marketing Success

I spend a lot of time determining the success of marketing activities. Elise Dopson puts the spotlight on 19 key performance indicators (aka KPIs) that marketers should embrace to see if they’re on the right track.

The Mystery of Mediocre Marketing to Seniors

The 60+ demographic is huge and it has massive amounts of disposable income. Yet, a lot of marketing is condescending and treats adults as if they’re children. Why is that?


Binge Watch Happens Anywhere…Even in Space

What do you think astronauts do when they’re orbiting around the world? Sure, some of them do experiments but Drew Feustel has binged on Game of Thrones while hanging out at the International Space Station.

Is Timeboxing the Key to Productivity?

Marc Zao-Sanders explored the many different ways to improve personal productivity. He explains why timeboxing works and why it will make you more productive.


Koho Raises $42M to Take on Banks

In a round led by Portag3 Ventures, Koho has closed a $42-million series B round to expand its business, which currently features 120,000 accounts and $500-million in annualized transactions.

Canada’s Unicorn Population Expands

The number of Canadian technology companies poised to have valuations of more than $1-billion has almost doubled in the past year, led by companies such as Shopify and Lightspeed.

OneEleven’s Expansion Plans Reversed

It wasn’t that long ago that OneEleven boldly unveiled aggressive expansion plans. Now, the plan has dramatically changed as it plans to close offices in Ottawa and London.

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