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Last week, I managed to escape the Daisy office in lovely suburban Toronto to attend the Growth Marketing Conference.

One of the key themes was the value of brand positioning (aka messaging or brand storytelling) as a powerful way for SaaS companies to differentiate themselves amid fierce competition. The other learning was that I need to hang out more often with marketers!

Last week, I asked for podcast suggestions. Some of the recommendations included Adam Levinter’s Entrepreneurs Exposed and Jim Cramer’s Mad Money.

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https://click.mailerlite.com/link/c/The Quantity-Quality Content Marketing Debate

For many brands, there’s a battle between creating content on a regular basis and creating high-quality content. Chad Pollitt explores both sides and suggests that both are important.

How to Become the Smartest Marketer in the Room

The most effective marketers are people who know their product and industry inside out. Blake Thorne looks at how marketers can quickly become subject matter experts.

The Ultimate Guide to Writing Online

Good writing is underappreciated but in a fast-moving digital world, it’s more important than ever. David Perell created an in-depth guide on how to write clearly and persuasively, distribute your content, and connect with anyone.

What Entrepreneurs Can Learn from Zoom’s Success

Did you know that Eric Yuan didn’t start Zoom until his forties? It’s one of the many interesting things about the video-conferencing company’s success. In Forbes, Tom Taulli looks at what entrepreneurs can learn.

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Marketing Lessons from a Struggling Baseball Player

Can you imagine failing to perform at 54 consecutive tasks at work? Well, that happened to the Baltimore Orioles’ Chris Davis, who set a major-league baseball record for futility. Here are some lessons that marketers can learn from Davis’ struggles.

25 of the Best WordPress Plugins for Marketers

As a marketer who loves WordPress, lists like these are dangerous because you want to install them right away! HubSpot’s Carly Stec puts the spotlight on a variety of plugins to keep you and your WordPress admin busy.

Seven Marketing KPIs for a Content Strategy

How do you measure the success of your content marketing efforts? Marie Lamonde looks at seven marketing KPIs to jump-start your content strategy – everything from reach and engagement to conversions.

One Entrepreneur’s Billion Dollar Mistake

Even the most successful entrepreneurs make wrong moves. Case in point is Hiten Shah, who looks at how Kissmetrics blew a huge opportunity that was eventually embraced by companies such as Mixpanel.

The Secret Weapon to Attract Gen Z

For marketers, Gen Z is a new and massive challenge given they account for one-third of the world’s population. Katherine Hays says the key to getting them to pay attention is creative, short-form videos.

How to Avoid Lead Generation Roadblocks

Every B2B brand wants more leads but they get in the way of prospects or simply don’t do the right things. Sam Holzman looks at how to avoid the most common lead generation obstacles.


Apple’s Plan to Save a Forest

Apple does many things but one of the most interesting is a plan to save a 27,000-acre mangrove forest in Columbia. Apple is working with Conservation Internation on the project.

An Interesting Fix for Gmail

A growing number of people use Gmail but it’s far from perfect. Michael Leggett, the former lead design for Gmail, created an extension that makes Gmail cleaner and simpler and “understatedly beautiful”.

Five Startups Making Money from Recycling

I’m on a mission to reduce my use of plastic bags, so this story about five startups making money from recycling waste (e.g. coffee grinds, food waste, used tires) caught my eye. If someone could create a way to recycle tennis balls, that would be great!


Lots of Foreign Interest in Canadian Tech Jobs

A recent report from Indeed found global interest in Canadian tech jobs has increased by 58% since 2015.

Lessons About Scaling Tech Companies

Cameron Burke looks back at being the co-founder of two SaaS startups and a senior leader with two fast-growing companies and what he should have known about scaling.

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